We are currently based between MIT Media Lab and Los Angeles, continuing film production, travel, and episode post-production.

If you are a DIY Biologist, bioartist, biohacker, biopunk, biohobbyist, citizen scientist, or would just like to say hi, email us at diysect[at]gmail[dot]com

We would love to meet you.


About the creators



Benjamin Welmond


When Benjamin Welmond was 12 years old, he watched Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, and decided to commit his life to the art of filmmaking. Since then, he's been working in almost any position available to him on a set; from gaffing, to writing, to directing, to editing. He has shot documentaries, musicals and silent horror films over the course of his short career. In the near future, he hopes to shake hands with David Lynch and say that even if Eraserhead really freaked him out, Mullholland Drive is one of the greatest films ever made. He majored in Filmmaking at Carnegie Mellon University.


Mary Maggic Tsang


Mary was born and raised in Los Angeles in a densely-populated, Chinese-speaking neighborhood.  Then, she decided to fly 2,500 miles to study Biology and Art at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, where she picked up a knack for growing hydroponic kale and building installations inspired by 50s space age aesthetic. With an undying love for neotropical rainforests, she has traveled to Central America and back several times, mostly for researching frogs. Mary simultaneously believes in Bokononism, aliens, and "Amor Fati," loosely translated as "love of one's fate." She will be eternally curious about all things alive.